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Can't send or receive message to and from an email (MMS)

Up until October 29, 2013 I have always been able to send texts to email and receive texts from email. I was wondering is this a provider issue and will it be fixed. I NEED this feature and if I am unable I will be switching providers.

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To a mobile phone via email. Rogers Wireless: [10-digit phone number]@pcs.rogers.com Fido: [10-digit phone number]@fido.ca Telus: [10-digit phone number]@msg.telus.com Bell Mobility: [10-digit phone number]@txt.bell.ca Kudo Mobile: [10-digit phone number]@msg.koodomobile.com MTS: [10-digit phone number]@text.mtsmobility.com President’s Choice: [10-digit phone number]@txt.bell.ca Sasktel: [10-digit phone number]@sms.sasktel.com Solo: [10-digit phone number]@txt.bell.ca Virgin: [10-digit phone number]@vmobile.ca You should be able to do it as they way you were doing it before. [b] Sounds like a phone related issue
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Koodo has not removed this functionality. There are no current issues with MMS on postpaid. Prepaid customers may still be having issues. Some customers have been reporting issues with email to sms. The issue is being investigated but there do not seem to have been many examples submitted yet, likely because this is not a feature most people use very often. Best bet is to call tech support and have them submit a ticket.
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Works for me. No problem sending or receiving.