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Can't redeem referral from friend

My friend referred me. Unfamiliar with the process, I set up an online account then tried to redeem the referral and get this message "This email address is already in use." so ... I used a different email address and redeemed it using the second email address. Then I went to WalMart with my unlocked phone and activated a post paid no tab plan and used my original primary email address (the one that won't let me redeem the referral). How do I ensure both my friend and I get the referral credits now that I have what appears to be two profiles - one attached to the phone and the other to the redeemed referral? Or, how do I merge my two profiles?

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Hi P Kirkey! If you're having issues finalizing the referral, you'll need to contact the Referral Team directly at this link: http://koo.do/1TvSjKy . Thank you :) 
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Hi P Kirkey - when you returned to the referral portal to enter your new phone number, did you get a confirmation message stating your request had been submitted? If so, the typical process is approx. 4 weeks for the system to review the submission, validate both accounts (your friends and yours), and apply the credits to your accounts. If you're able to log into the portal, you can also check the status of your submission. I would suggest you try logging in with both of the email addresses you tried using to ensure one of them does show that it's pending. Let us know if this works/helps.