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Can't get a Loaner Phone?

My screen started to give up so I went to the koodo near my house and ask who i call to use my warranty. He gave me a card and then went to leave. I then asked if we could provide me with the information I would need and if I could use their phone since I don't have a working one. Then he told me if they said I am under warranty and they are going to send it out I could get a loaner phone from them. Then I proceeded to spend 30 minutes on the phone with the warranty guy. Since it was covered under warranty they said that my new one would be here by tuesday currently it is Saturday so that is 3 days without a working phone. I then proceeded to ask for a loaner phone and was told I couldn't have one since it was being replaced and not repaired! I was very frustrated trying to explain that I need a phone and had no other way of getting one. He said it was not allowed and they were only for repairs and they had no idea when people would need them so can't jus. give them out. So even though i have been with koodo for years have a koodo phone that is broken they still refused because it is not policy. I think this is completely unacceptable and not good customer service at all. Does anyone have any idea why they is a policy and what can be done so that others do not have to go through what am right now.

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I would be upset as well. I'll pass this info along to our contacts for you. Some rules absolutely need to be bent.
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Are you going through the extended warranty program or a regular warranty? If it's the extended warranty where you pay monthly for it then they send you the new phone and then when you get it you send yours back so you wouldn't be without a phone.
If you're in warranty and Koodo sent your phone for a repair, "A loaner phone is available while your phone is being fixed. Please visit a participating Koodo Shop for more details."

Check this for more info.