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Can't connect to Wi-Fi

I have a LG-E400b and I'm having problems connecting to wi-fi. I have a Koodo Pre Paid and I recently renewed my base plan. I can't make any phone calls or send any texts. I can see the wi-fi networks in my area but they all have the signal symbol overlapped by a lock, and I don't know the passwords. I didn't have this problem when I activated my phone. I've tried removing and replacing the battery and sim card and when that didn't work I went for a factory reset, and still have no bars. Anyone have any ideas?

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To connect to a locked wifi you need a password, it could be that if it was ppl around you who had wifi that you were using they seen and locked their wifi down with a password. If your connecting to a free wifi like a McDonald's you need to open the browser sometimes and accept the terms of the free connection to be able to use it. Wifi has nothing to do with your calls or texts not working as you don't need service to use your phone over wifi. As far as the other issue of no service I'm not sure how prepaid works and if it takes time to renew your plan and it to become active. How long have you had no service since renewing? Make sure your phone didn't get set to GSM only or 2g in the phones network settings
I havn't had service for about a day, but the renewal was before the service got cut, so I don't think it's related. Now im having problems setting up my phone after reset because apparently I need service to sign in, which is an unskippable step in the set up procedure.
Is it possible/appropriate to ask for the bell324 password, I have a feeling it may solve my problem. It says the connection is Excellent but I have no way of getting into it. Perhaps having wifi might give me service through the internet?
Okay nevermind I can skip the sign in thing, but still have the problem with service.
Okay I found it, apparently it was set to GSM only. Thank you muchly for the help