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Can't change region

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When I go on to the Koodo website, it lists my region as "Ontario". Unfortunately, when I try to change it to my region, nothing happens. It just stays as "Ontario. Deleting cookies and changing browsers makes no difference. Anyone else having this problem?

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Are you trying to access from your mobile device or your computer?
It says Ontario, but it does actually change. And unless you are living in MB/SK/QC, there is no difference in anything anyway. If you want to be sure that it is changing your region, choose MB and check if you are able to see what competition can do on Plans page.
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I had same experience changing from BC / English to QC / English on computer. It took about 3 back-and-forth tries before the screen actually refreshed properly.
Same here i am presently in Toronto but i want to shop for my father in New-Brunswick i can'T change to the region of N.B it's giving my Quebec, B.C but can't chose other provinces. what's going on?
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Same here, can't view plans for Quebec, if I click on Quebec it usually switches to Ontario, but sometimes to Alberta, Newfoundland, Manitoba and BC (but not Quebec!).
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Hey there, 

Do you have this issue only when logging in from a certain browser or it's the same thing for more than one? Our website works best with Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox.

Many thanks! 
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Seems to be working fine today! Yesterday it was not... I had the issue with both Chrome and Firefox.
I can't region too unfortunately. I tried with all browsers 🙂
Any news?