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can't change billing ad

  • 7 January 2022
  • 9 replies

I have been trying to change my billing address for awhile and it has not been updating for me, it brings up the address I typed in to save but I do not get another notification saying it will change in 15 minutes like I’ve read on other posted. I’ve tried refreshing the page, clearing my cache, using different browsers, I’m stuck. I’ve also scheduled to be called by a rep but I did not receive a call back at the time I set. I want to change my plan and order a new phone but this billing address change is stopping me.

9 replies

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I'll flag a Rep to assist to do it manually since it's not working for you to do it. Does it give any error messages? Can you also check your blocked numbersist to make sure that Koodo isn't blocked?

Thank you, no it does not give me an error it just reverts back to the old address and does not save the new one I typed in regardless of pressing save. I actually did have koodo’s number blocked which would explain why i didnt hear from them that has been fixed.

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Hi @Kristalynn_ 

Please schedule a call back with the virtual assist, an agent should be able to help with the change.

Alternatively, you can send us a message via Twitter or Facebook, so we can look into it.

Ok I will request one now,  thank you.

I setup a call back but I have not received a call what is the number that they will be calling from so I can make sure any possible numbers are not on my block list.

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They should also send you a text before calling 

Ok that is the same number I have unblocked they did send me a text but I did not get a call. The call back I setup was scheduled for 8:00 pm Jan. 6. I will try for another call back scheduled for tomorrow.

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@Kristalynn_ Glad to see the address has successfully been updated by one of our reps.

yes it has been successfully changed but I am disappointed that it is too late to take advantage of the sales that I was inquiring to get almost 3 days ago now, since my address was delaying my purchase I have now missed out on that. Is ther any possible way to still get the deal that I was looking at with the winter sales?