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Can't Buy Home Phone - Bad Experience

After thoroughly researching local cell services I had decided to move my cell phone and home phone service to Koodo. The closest Koodo outlet is 40 miles away in the Pembroke Mall. I have called the kiosk several times (no answer) and left a voice mail to call me back (never did). I wanted to know if they had the home phone boxes in stock. I didn't want to make that trip without needing something else in Pembroke. Well today is Dec 2 and I saw the home phone being offered at $5/mth until Dec 4, so I decided to take the chance and drove the 40 miles to the kiosk. Guess what, they are sold out but would have more on Dec 6 and could reserve one. So I asked if I pay for the unit now and do the other paperwork to set up the account could they still honour the $5/mth rate? The very nice kiosk clerk didn't know and she called someone at Koodo to get an answer. Answer came back NO! Can't be done. I was willing to pay for the SIM, pre-pay for the home phone box and commit to a new account and return of Dec 6 for the missing box. There was nothing that could be done to give me a "rain-check" on that special rate just because the kiosk was out of stock. I was so shocked at this level of service that I didn't bother moving my cell phone business wondering what other problems I might be opening myself up to with Koodo. What a wasted trip.....

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Hi Derick,

This promotional rate has been going on for quite some time now and did sell out many stores from the home phone box! Unfortunately not much can be done to give you a promotional rate once the promotional rate is no longer offered as they usually remove it from the system.

All around Koodo is a great company to be with, just because they were out of stock on an item does not mean they are a bad company, just that many people were also enthused about this promotion and jumped on board earlier! Are there not any other Koodo locations you could try apart from the Pembroke one to see if they might have some?
I can assure you back on Nov 12 the rate was $10/mth. 

And I didn't imply Koodo was a bad company. I am sure to many it is a great one. But to me in rural Ontario, Koodo support may be limited with only 1 kiosk with 1 attendant who do not answer their phones. BTW, the next closest Koodo outlets able to offer SIM cards & home phones are about 200K+ away in North Bay and Ottawa. 

Why couldn't Koodo sell me the SIM card, setup my account, register me, etc. Do everything but hand me a home phone box. Then mail me the box. I would have be quite happy with that. Insisting the box be physically at the kiosk seems to be restricting their gaining new customers.
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Hi Derrick - sorry to hear about your experience. Although I can't verify the exact wording, tone, etc., used to communicate the situation to you, the reps hands are indeed a bit tied in terms of what they can/can't do when it comes to process.

That said, we do want to try and make things right for you. You mentioned an interest in bringing over your wireless account as well as getting the wireless home phone. If you go ahead and get your wireless account activated, let us know here once you do, and we'll ship out a wireless home phone hub and honor the promotional rate you were looking to take advantage of. 
Thank you Ranjan......I will return to the Pembroke Mall Kiosk in about 1 week to do just that.