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Can't buy a phone at Best Buy.

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Tried to go into Best Buy yesterday to buy a couple phones outright. Nothing fancy (expensive) as we barely use them, and we are on pre-paid. Anyways, I was looking at phones in the $150. range when the lady said she has some behind the counter. Three were phones I have never heard of, and the other two were windows phones. Never researched those, so had no idea. I said what about the ones out front on the counters? Her response, "We can't sell those to Koodo pre-paid customers" Hmm, okay, that's weird. She then said, "If we did sell it to you (A Koodo pre-paid customer) that $150 phone would end up being around $300. WTF? why is that? She then said that this pricing had only started since the Future Shop turned to Best Buy. Unfortunately, I did not have a lot of time to stay and talk and find out more as to why I (as a Koodo pre-paid customer) could not buy any phone there for cash and walk out. So, my question. Why can I not go into Best Buy and buy a phone for my Koodo plan? Oh, this lady said that I could go to the mall, and buy the phones there, at any of the kiosks, Rogers, Telus, Wireless Wave...

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Ridiculous 😞 Prepaid users are treated like second hand citizens. I guess it has to do with commission... I would just get the Moto G from Telus... It's still an awesome phone and you can often get it for around $100 now. Despite having high end phones, that one is still one of our daily drivers!
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Sophia wrote:

Ridiculous 😞 Prepaid users are treated like second hand citizens. I guess it has to do with comm...

Actually you can even order it online from Best Buy: http://m.bestbuy.ca/defaultpage.aspx?lang=en#/catalog/productdetails.aspx?ajax=true&sku=10304176&lang=en-CA
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You can get a Moto G or Blackberry Q5 on prepaid (Telus) through Best Buy online or in store. BB is around $129.99. Moto G good price too. My neighbour bought a BB Q5 at Best Buy location. The cell phone rep couldn't believe that this phone was on prepaid and wanted to double check. He was trying to talk her into a contract. Sure enough it was prepaid and she bought it. I'm assuming if it's a Telus phone you don't need to unlock since Telus and Koodo are same company. Maybe another member knows more about this.