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Can someone explain me how data works?

Can someone explain me how data works? I always use wifi to browse on my samsung phone, how do I use koodo data? I m thinking of those days when I cant have wifi access and need to connect. I have noticed that I have data block on my add-ons, what happen when I unblock it? will I be able to use koodo data automatically on my phone then and how do I control it to avoid paying more that I plan to at the end of the month? Also for email use, will koodo charge me when I get emails or will I only be charged when I read them? I am sorry for my questions but have no experience in using data! Thanks

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I would suggest getting a data plan if you decide to use it. Also, by removing your data block you'll be charged for pay per use data. You will be billed depending upon how much you use. To be more cost efficient I would suggest using a data plan that way you're paying a flat rate for x mmount of data useage. You can also monitor your data on self serve.
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If you enable data on your phone, it will connect to Koodo's network for Internet access when no WiFi signal is found. Depending on your phone, you can manually enable/disable data at any time... so to control your data usage, only enable it when you need Internet access but no WiFi is available. This will prevent background data usage when you're not using the phone. Using email will use data, so you will be charged when your email app checks for email and downloads the email. You are not charged depending on whether you read the email or not. Again, disable data when not connected to WiFi to prevent unwanted use.