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can not call/text or receive

Hi I just bought a canadian phone number yesterday and I have received an e-mail about the registration and that I have recived a thanks for signing up for Koodo Self Serve. But I cannot send or call anybody or even receive or get a phonecall. Why is that? best regards melissa

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Hi Melissa, First, welcome to Koodo - perhaps even welcome to Canada if I read you correctly 😃 What phone did you get, and does it show that you are connected to Koodo? If not try this first: switch off your phone, remove the SIM card for a minute and then put it back and switch it on... does that solve your problem?
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Hi there Melissa... Sometimes it may take time to get the services up and running, but not a lot of time, you should start by doing what Sophia said, if this does not resolve the issue you can always contact Koodo to see what the problem is...
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Melissa did you get a phone from Koodo, or are you using an unlocked phone from elsewhere? It's possible your unlocked phone does not support Koodo's frequencies or some settings need to be adjusted to make it work.
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Hey Melissa, Welcome to Koodo 🙂 do you still need help with your service? here's how to contact us if you still need help: Email: http://koo.do/YqucV0 Phone: *611 from your Koodo phone or 1-866-995-6636 from a landline. Our hours of operation are: Monday – Friday: 9am - 9pm / Saturday: 9am - 7pm / Sunday: 9am - 7pm And of cours you can create a new topic on our community page (http://community.koodomobile.com/) if you need help with something else, we will be more than happy to help you 🙂