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can koodo track my cell phone if someone stole it...

  • 20 April 2013
  • 4 replies

my phone got stolen from my house and i dont know who has it.. can koodo track my phone??

4 replies

I don't know about Koodo, but if it's it's an Android and still has your Sim card in it, the app Androidlost might be able to help you. It can be pushed to your phone and activated with a txt msg. You can can then track it from a Web interface or another mobile phone.
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Sadly not, Koodo does not have the ability to track your phone in real time. Like Chris said, it would be better if you have installed such apps.
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As said already Koodo can't track the phone, sorry. You should, however, call Koodo to have your account suspended, you don't want the thief using your phone to make calls and rack up your minutes. (Or worse, use the internet.) They can also flag the phone as stolen so incase the phonethief just puts his own SIM in the phone. That way he can't profit off the theft. This will unfortunately eliminate any chance of a third party application tracking the phone, however.
Koodo might not be able to -- BUT if you have a smart phone & have enabled "find my phone" you can log in through the manufacturer account & have it located with the GPS & ring on it's highest volume. It needs to be set up before the device is lost.. but it worked awesome for my Galaxy S5 through findmymobile.samsung.com just now!