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Can i use a Huawei phone???

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Hi Bonnie,

As long as it uses the proper bands, then yes. If you give us the actual model of the phone, we might be of more use to you. 
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As long as its Canadian version or matches Koodos Network stats. Telus/Unlocked phones will work. Best of luck
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Frequencies and technologies required:

3G: 850/1900 (= bands 5 & 2) voice/messaging/basic data
4G/LTE: 1700/2100 (=band 4) advanced data/voice

Will not work:
Koodo does not use 2G or CDMA which are largely abandoned in Canada

Many overseas suppliers will not be familiar with Koodo. As long as the phone is unlocked and AT&T (US) compatible, your should be fine.

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Hey Bonnie! You can also use this tool http://koo.do/1aU1u0o (requires the imei of the device) to check out to see if your phone is compatible. Hope this helps 🙂