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can I tether my phone to my laptop so I can use my internet connection from my phone on my computer

I want to cancel my home internet service and just use my cell phone provider internet connection but sometimes I want to see the internet on a bigger screen so would like to know how to tether my cell phone through my laptop, if possible ?

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While it's possible, tethering to a computer will use a tremendous portion of data. Much more than your cell uses. Unless you have a ton of GB on your plan (which you probably don't) it's going to be quite a bill when you consider Koodo's overage rates. Your home isp likely gives you a rather large data bucket in comparison to a cell provider.
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Chad Burr wrote:

While it's possible, tethering to a computer will use a tremendous portion of data. Much more t...

Many sites you will visit have downsized data sets designed to deal with mobile phones. There's a limit on how big the resolution and files get according to the browsing device. If you log on from a PC, then the sky's the limit. Tethered to check my email (no photos) last spring for about 1/2 hour total last spring when my ISP was having a hiccup and it cost me 30 mB of data. Typical data allotments before being overcharged say it all: modest phone plan 100 mB, modest cable internet plan 100 gB, or 1000 times as much.
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I guess it boils down to WHAT data plan you have. Found myself a couple of times using tethering when my cable internet was down (thank you Rogers, and I'm not even their customer...) and absolutely had to check work emails. I did make sure I set a draconic limit for downloading emails (500kB max or else considered "Huge" and Outlook would only show a preview). As other have advised you, be wary of the modern web site page size these days...VERY easily over 1MB and I would make damn sure I have a good Ad blocker.
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It's going to be a lot more expensive for you to cancel your home internet and just tether your cellphone data.
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Trust me, mobile data is in no way a replacement for home Internet. My family and I use at least 120 GB each month, and it can be more if I go ham with torrents. No cell phone plan could handle that.