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Can I lock a text on pre-paid??

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace on a prepaid plan and I want to save a text message but can't figure out how?? My old phone had the option to 'lock' when you clicked on the message, but I can't find any way to keep a message on this one. Is there no lock option or am I missing something?

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Hi Abra, this might be irrelevant now as it's been 9 months since your question (and you've probably found the answer you needed by now) but did you try pressing + holding the text message for a menu to pop up?  If you don't see "Lock", try scrolling if a menu pops up, Lock should be in there.  Tap Lock then you'll see a little padlock symbol on that text indicating it won't be deleted.
By 'lock', I mean prevent the text message from being deleted.
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Hi, you might want to explain what the lock feature is for ...
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I'm not sure what this "lock" option was, but why would it depend on prepaid vs. postpaid? It sounds like a feature of the phone.