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can I get duplicate sim. I lost my telephone but want to keep same number

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You will have to buy one. I don't think they just give out free SIMs unless you buy a phone or open up an line with them.
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Yes, you would need to go to a Koodo store and purchase a new simcard. Are you on Prepaid, or post-paid services? If you're a post-paid customer, switching sim cards is easy. After you purchase the card you can log into your Koodo Selfserve and switch it yourself, or have the Koodo salesperson do it for you when you purchase the Sim card. I'm not quite sure what the process is for Prepaid though. You might have to call customer service for that one... Hope this helps!
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Your # will not change from changing SIM Card, you just activate the new one like stated above with your account, it's your account that your phone # is tied to not specifically the SIM Card.