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can I change my phone if I just changed my non-koodo one over to koodo

I was wondering if I just changed my non-koodo phone over to koodo, if I changed my mind and wanted a new phone instead can I go in and get it changed or will I have to wait for my first bill?

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Yes. You can upgrade whenever you want so long as you pay off your tab balance. Since it sounds like you brought your old phone to Koodo, you will have no Tab balance anyway.
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You can buy a new phone whenever you want. If you had an existing Tab (which I assume you dont since you brought over a non-koodo phone) you would have to pay that off first (it would be charged to your next bill)
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Also you can use koodo's trade in program too. It doesn't give you a lot of value but it might help you a little bit to upgrade your phone. http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/koodo-trade-in-program