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Calls/Texts going to both old and new phone.

I switched to a new phone the other day. Now when I get a call/text both of my phones receive them.(The old phone and the new phone) My mom is afraid I'll be charged for two phones. I would like to know if I can stop the old phone from having service because I just want to use it as an alarm clock. Any help is greatly appreciated! 🙂 - Sarah

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You will not get charged for two phones, usually that happens temporarily when you first change phones, maybe perhaps you have the two phones close to each other and it's still flukely working. I'm sure it will stop sooner or later.
I have heard of this a few times if its not just mixed service anymore the best way to force the old phone to stop is to take the battery out for a while (at least a day) when the old phone has stopped receiving a signal for a while the new phone will get everything.
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Hi Sarah If you ported your number from another provider this can hapen if the porting was not completed, as soon as port is completed then you will send/receive your calls/SMS on one phone only (the one that is using koodo SIM)