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Calls Keep Dropping

So, Koodoo was good for me for month. But now, the signal at home keeps dropping. Very annoying. I dropped my landline because I could consistently get calls and make them in my house. Now, it keeps dropping. VERY ANNOYING. Signal is not the best out here anyways but it was working ok b4. Real piss off.

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What type of phone do you have, have you tried turning it off (for a few minutes) then back on? Usually that reboots your phone and picks up a better signal (worked for me an haven't had a problem since)
have a nexus 4. and yes, i have rebooted it and left it off for a few minutes but no change. Like I said, worked fine for months and now it keeps dropping.
and have another nexus in house and it does the same thing so does not appear to be a phone issue

I have the same dead zone at work in Delta, absolutely no bars, and I have a brand new nexus 5.
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Hey Joan, Sorry to hear about your problem. Since it's effecting both lines it might be that there's some form of environmental or electronic interference blocking your connection in your home. How does it work outside?
Well, I have only noticed it inside because that is where I use it most of the time. And again, it was only recently it started. I decided to buy a signal booster and will see how that works. Phone working fine right now. (If I am in town, then it works fine but then there is lots of signal strength there.) So hopefully my signal booster will work as they are not cheap.