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Calling in Europe

  • 3 April 2021
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I will be travelling from Canada with friends. I will have a Swiss sim card in my phone but the others will be using their Canadian phone plans. How do I call a Canadian phone number if they are also in Switzerland and vice versa?

4 replies

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You will pay the fee from Switzerland to a Canadian number. The fact that they are also in Europe doesn’t matter to you.  You will need to inquire with your Swiss provider how much that will cost you.

Receiving calls while you are in Switzerland and using your Swiss SIM will be free, to you.

As for your friends, they will pay the roaming fee to receive your call with their own (Canadian) provider. Calling you will probably be a local call to them, since they’re calling from Switzerland to a Swiss number, but they’d better verify the cost with their provider too.

Thanks Sophia, that's exactly what I needed.

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If you do decide to call your friends on their Canadian numbers while in Switzerland, you'd call them the same way as if they were in Canada (+1-xxx-xxx-xxxx).

They would call you as if they were calling Switzerland from Canada (+41-xx-xxx-xxxx). 


How do I stop the replies, now that I have the answer?