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Calling and texting international numbers

If I am in Canada using my Canadian phone number to call and text friends who live in Guatemala, and have Guatemalan phone numbers and cell phones, are there any charges that will be applied to either myself or my friends? Thank you!!

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With koodo texting to anywhere is free , but if you do not have unlimited texting included in your plan you will have to pay the regular cost dpending on your plan. Calling outside Canada will cost you long distance charges. To Guatemala the cost is 1$/minute plus your plan minutes if you call in the morning (between 8 am and 7 pm in almost plan that are not unlimited). For the freinds in Guatemala i have no idea if they will get charges to receive your text and calls. They have to call their provider
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Just to add, You would need to have the International Dialing & LD Saver feature added in order for you to call Guatemala. The feature is $2 per month but opens up the door for you to call internationally. Get it solved! is correct on the rate but that is ONLY if you have that feature I mentioned
Thank you Tyler C for pointing out that .
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Get it solved ! wrote:

Thank you Tyler C for pointing out that .

You are very welcome. Keep up the good work 🙂