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Call Koodo Mobile from China, Beijing.

Hello, I tried to call koodo from China so then can reactivate my account but someone else answered and hung up. I called twice and it was not koodo mobile. Yet I called 0-866-995-6636

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The toll-free number does not work outside of North America. Try the direct number (long distance): 647-788-4337
Thank you! I tried calling but it says this number is not in service. I tried putting a 0 iin front and a 1 but still doesn't work. ;_;
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Try 001-647-788-4337
says this telephone is not connected to automatic service... I can't even dial the whole number before they tell me this. : (
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Do you know if you are permitted to make long distance calls outside of Asia with the telephone line you are using? In order to make long distance calls in China, you must dial 00, then 1 (for North American), then the 10-digit number.
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If you still have difficulty making a call, you may try to e-mail them and get some advice ... https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/appmanager/support/contactus