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Buying a phone

What needs to be brought in when coming to buy a phone? I do not have a license, just health card and SIN. No bank account either....Should I get my mom to come with me or just have someone who has their license with me? I am 21.

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Hi Jessica, You will need to have a piece of photo identification with you. A Canadian passport will work. Here are a few other IDs that are acceptable: Foreign Passport Work Visa Department of Defence ID Permanent Resident Card Native Canadian Status Card CNIB Card Provincial/Territorial ID card. Note: Health cards are not acceptable forms of identification. If you do not have any of the above, you will need to apply for your provincial identification card and wait to receive it. To get an account in your name, you need to have valid photo ID.
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SIN is fine but you'll need photo ID aside from health card to activate. The list above is comprehensive of which ones will work. If you don't want to or can't get a driver's license, consider getting your province's equivalent photo ID card. It works exactly like a driver's license for ID purposes.