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Bright Friday Sales Consistency

  • 24 November 2022
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Wondering why there is no consistency in the Bright Friday sale. I was looking to purchase the iPhone 13 deal, since it was a good promo. Checked it last week and it was $720 with Tab Plus/Mid. Checked again yesterday and it was $610 for my husband, but $650 for me, even though we are both Koodo costumers, and we both have similar plans. Was waiting for money to go through to buy and now today I check and it’s back to $720. Why is there no consistency in the sale, even amongst costumers? Should I wait for Friday and hope it goes back to the 610 price my husband got or go somewhere else where they don’t do this kind of nonsense? 

1 reply

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The iPhone 13 is currently $360 upfront (before tax) on tab mid:

It’s been that price for at least a week so if you saw something different it must’ve just been a glitch on the website!