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Brantford, ON is a giant marginal coverage area.

As an employee of one of the major Canadian telecommunications carriers, I realize that Koodo (Telus) shares towers with Bell in Southwestern Ontario. I know with Bell, the coverage in Brantford, ON is marginal at best and I've noticed the same with my Koodo coverage. I haven't really gotten a satisfactory answer from any of the agents on the phone (they've been great, though) regarding whether or not Koodo is considering expanding better coverage out in this direction. It begins to ware on me when anywhere I go in the city, I'm dealing with constant blockage, especially data. I'm not expecting my in-building coverage to be stellar, but when I'm on the street in the major town square, my data struggling to send (despite my iPhone having full bars and 3G) an MMS or even a basic form search can be frustrating. Will there be any tower expansions in this area in the next year or two? Thanks in advance. It's kind of funny that the city where the telephone was invented has less-than-stellar cell coverage from two of the biggest telecommunications providers in Canada.

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Hey Womanticore 🙂 Coverage is available in Brantford, ON (please click here : http://koo.do/JbHkbm, you can enter your postal code in the search field for more accuracy). If you happen to experience other difficulties with Data, your best bet is to give a call to our Technical Support at 1-866-995-6636 (Option 6) free of charge from a land line (Monday to Friday: 9am - 9pm, Saturday/Sunday: 9am - 7pm). A representative will be glad to help you fix this. Have a great weekend! *********************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Hi, Tayeb, thanks for answering; I addressed that I already know there is coverage! The issue is the coverage suffers a lot of tower blockage. I'll call tech again, but other than the network blockage, there's not much they can do for me immediately.