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Bought online from KoodoMobile.com but can I keep number & plan if I return just the phone within 15days?

I purchased and activated a new cell phone from koodomobile.com on Tab Small which I just received today. If I decide I don't think the BlackBerry Q5 is right for me within the 15 day guarantee period, can I return just the device to be credited back the Tab but keep the sim/number and phone plan active for use in my old unlocked phone (already been tested with the Koodo microSIM and it works fine)? Basically I want to keep the new cell number active with Koodo as trying out the Q5 so far has been just so-so.... I love typing on keys again but not sure the phone is as full featured for the price point. Still early to tell but I do like that I got to pick a new cell number which I hope to keep for some time! 🙂 I was able to find the return policy for online orders but reading it over a few times I'm still not sure if the full refund (if remaining below min. usage) applies if I keep the sim and plan active, less the price of the SIM card and ongoing plan fees of course. Thanks for reading and for any helpful comments! M

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Are you an existing customer who upgraded to a new phone or are you new to Koodo? If you upgraded, then yes, you can refund the phone and go back to your old phone. If you're new it might be a bit tougher to port out bit you'd have to contact customer service for them to help you out. The Q5 is actually a pretty well featured phone for the price. BB OS 10 is well designed and the Hub is fantastic for communication. I kind of wish I had one lol
It's a brand new tel number and Tab account. So if I keep the sim card and plan active with Koodo but just return the Q5 phone with I just be charged for the sim card and ongoing rate plan fees? I don't hate the Q5 and it seems like the touchscreen and swipe is much nicer but still not sure about it compared to my friends who have iPhone 5 & 5S, Galazy S4 & S5, Sony Xperia Z1 & 2 and HTC One devices. I also wish the keys didn't click sooo loudy because it becomes impossible to send a 'stealthy' text or at least minimize how noticeable it is when texting on top of looking down at the phone. Gonna try a few more apps to see how they run on Q5 and that could be the deciding issue. Thanks for the input! M.
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Forget what your friends have; this is YOUR phone, not theirs. Also please be aware that those devices are all 2, 3, 4, or even FIVE times more expensive than the Q5, may require more expensive plans, may not be available online, require a higher Tab balance/extra Tab charge, and some aren't even available at Koodo anyway (Xperia line). You have to decide what's more important to you. As for a phone recommendation, the 2 I always vouch for are the Moto G on the cheap side and the Nexus 5 as a bit higher up. Everything else is either outdated and slower (avoid the S III and Ace II 😵 or overpriced (iPhones, argument could be made for GS4 and 5). I will say that the HTC One M8 is an absolutely stellar phone, but it's tied for the most expensive phone in Koodo's lineup so if you're willing to spring extra cash to get it on Tab ($575 on S, $425 on M) you'll be more than satisfied.
Thanks again for the input. I only mention my friends' phones as comparable devices I have been able to try real-world and how that experience compares with the Q5. Yes, I know those phones cost more but the features, functions, and interaction is completely different as well and starting to seem more attractive. The noisy key thing is only a part of it but pretty big. I tried out family who had a Q10 and Z10 which I didn't like either so hoped Q5 would be the right middle ground... still not sold but I will consider your suggestions of Moto G and Nexus 5 along with the others. my older bro has a Nexus 5 and he likes it. Will be giving the Q5 at least a couple more days of trial LOL. Cheers! M.
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Thanks again for the input. I only mention my friends' phones as comparable devices I have been a...No problem! Let us know what you decide. Exchanging a phone is not an issue in most circumstances but cancelling and intending to port out, etc. Can cause issues.
In the end I did return the Q5 😞. There were plenty if features I really liked in the affordable phone but I really wish the keys were more quiet and a bit smoother to press (if that makes sense). Not sure what I will go with instead but thanks for the input (sorry for late follow up as I did return the phone awhile ago).

Cheers! (Looks like the login isnt recognizing me correctly but this is me/Marie .)
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In the end I did return the Q5 😞. There were plenty if features I really liked in the affordabl...So what phone are you thinking of getting instead, Marie? Did you keep your plan? Tbh I'm not a BB person either, I tried to love two (Z10 and Q10). I couldn't understand the Z10 software - which granted says more about my brain than the OS, lol. The Q10 was too hard on my nails as I need my right hand nails longer for playing classical guitar. Right now I'm trying to show some affection for a Windows phone, also tried the iPhone but I seem to keep coming back to Samsung Android devices. Thank goodness there is something to keep everybody happy in Koodo's current line up 🙂