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Boodo the Roodo!

While everyone loves El Tabador~!, let's face it: the super-mascot needs a super-villain to make Koodo's next ads super-memorable!

Imagining this El Trouble-dor, masked in red as a foil to Tabby's blue. Why Blue vs Red? . . I dunno, maybe because I grew up on Pokemon. Err . . 

AND as for a super-memorable name . . hmm, well I know you guys like puns, and Koodo coincidentally rhymes with "Rudo," the lucha libre term for "the bad guy" (I'm not kidding! Sure, I'll wait here while you Wiki that up . . . . ok, letsa go~). So from a marketing perspective, a super-catchy name could be "Boodo the Roodo" ("Boo-do" because obviously, when he's in the ring, the crowd goes "Booooo!!").

Boodo would be a mobile menace making mobile misdeeds, like tying people up to the fixed-term-contract-train-tracks until El Tabador~! saves the day with a super tab-percut!

So when you're thinking of your next commercial campaign, imagine these headlines: Koodo vs Boodo! El Tabby vs El Baddie! Blue vs Red! El Tabador, USE THUNDERSHOCK~! Err . .

. . . I think I need more coffee. 😛

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