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Bonus Gift With Online Purchase

  • 16 March 2013
  • 4 replies

My girlfriend is planning on switching to koodo and is wondering about the bonus.gift. It says on the website that you get it if you buy in store or at a retail partner. Can you also get it if you order online? and are there benefits to ordering one way over the other?

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4 replies

its for the iphone 4 by the way, 100 dollar.gift
oh nevermind i see it can only be bought in store
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Aside from the iPhone since it can't be bought online, the only difference between online and in-store is in-store you get it on the spot and online you get it 4-6 weeks after activation. And that if you get it in-store, it's a $75 visa.gift card and $25 accessory credit and online it's a full $100 visa.gift card.
just what i needed to know thanks so much!