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BLOCK nuissance numbers

A lot of customers calls in about the fact and problem about receiving either harrassing phone calls and/or SMS and would like koodo to block the said number, However the only positioning we can offer is to change the customer phone number to which alot of customer are not to happy about the concept for they would like to retain their number rather than let 1 number ruin their social life. I would recommend the capacity to block a certain amount of phone number for customer for both calls and SMS iff need be Koodo could create an add on similar to the 5 essentials and to allow a customer to setup 5 numbers to restrict at all times for a certain amount per month.

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There are plenty of apps that can do this.
But not all apps are compatible with all phones and certain apps may generate further issue. i was more aiming on a permanent fix rather than an app that may or may not work as intended, true say the idea of an app may work but it is not a 100% garantee. Thx for the reply by the way Doctor
Unless it's an older smartphone, almost all smartphones nowadays are capatible with some type of a block call app.
My android phone has the capacity to send any number of phone numbers directly to voicemail. I just ascertain that i don't want to hear from the person, mark the number in my phone and i never hear when they call. I do have to listen to vmails tho.