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blackberry 9360 broken :/

my phone broke last night, the screen is cracked in half but i can still see a bit, but not enough. i have a blackberry 9360. i was wondering if theres a way that the people at the koodo booth in my local mall can transfer all my stuff to my sim card, since thoughtless me didnt remember to do it myself and im probably just going to buy a new phone.

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Hi Alex! You may try transferring your stuff yourself if you have PC at home, go to http://www.blackberry.com, download Desktop manager apps and sync all your BB personal info from your phone to your PC, (CONTACTS, DOCUMENTS, APPS, etc..)that will be good way to keep backup of all your Data in case you intend to uppgrade your phone to any BB (except new OS10) and then restore them to your new BB.
thank you! helps alot.
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You're welcome Alex good luck
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Since you already are going to buy a new phone I highly recommend you get the new Z10. You will not be dissapointed.
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Also it may be possible for them to transfer your contacts to the sim, if they have a sim card reader that can be plugged into their MCE machine. Otherwise I would do as Mat suggested and back up to your computer, and second Chad on getting the Z10. It's quite an amazing device!