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Billing Address won't update

Hi, I am trying to change my billing address. I've tried NUMEROUS times, refreshed, cleared browsing data. Any suggestions?


Frustrated with this time waster. And thanks koodo for not having free customer service that's great. Congratulations you are a crap company

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@HeatherL I totally feel your frustration! 😞 Address updates are validated by Canada Post's software. We have often provided feedback to them that some people are unable to find a match despite their address being seemingly correct.

Looks like you did indeed update your address though. Yesterday. Although, I can't even find it in Canada Post's table below. Just PO Boxes.

I did find my address in the lookup thing and the box came up to confirm it. I did this several times but it still doesn't change.
It says it will be updated in 15 minutes but I have checked numerous times after many hours and it doesn't update
Sooooo no other suggestions? Besides call koodo and be charged to talk to a person because their system doesn't work???? You have to be kidding me.

I am trying to order a new phone for my friend who is on my account. He lives at the address I changed it to previously and it's in a remote area. Maybe Canada post doesn't recognize this address because it is remote and that's glitching the system or something??? The system wouldn't let me order to his place as I tried to use my credit card and the address on my card didn't match his. So I tried to change it back and it will not let me.

I know this is a weird situation. That's why it's good to be able to talk to a human being and explain real-life situations. 😡
Why do companies think it is better to pass the buck than talk to a person on the phone? I've been a customer of koodo for a long time. Terrible business sense. Too cheap to pay someone to answer the phone. Modernity is a nightmare
You can request a callback through the digital assistant. They only charge you for doing something that you could've done yourself online. In your case it's not letting you so you won't be charged.

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Not passing the buck @HeatherL - as you stated, your situation is a bit of a unique one, so in this case you may well need a rep to help sort this matter out. You can always schedule a callback to speak with a rep using Koodo Assist, and we only charge to perform transactions/make changes you can easily do yourself, as @Mats mentioned above. in this case, that wouldn't apply since you're unable to do so.
You can also send us a private message on Facebook, and a rep will get back to you there - if that's more convenient.