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Between Nexus, Galaxy, and iPhone/iPad, which one is best?

What I'm looking for is updates and support for the operating system. So which device would provide me with OS updates and upgrades for the fastest and longest duration? And this topic isn't limited to smartphones. So feel free to reply with any device in mind. Thanks!

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Well, most will suggest the Galaxy/Nexus since many of the people prefer those devices over the iOS devices. I personally prefer the iOS because it's extremely convienent for myself and it fits my style. I'd recommend that you do your research on the pros and cons of each and find out what you want in your device.
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Depends on the eco-system & how much flexibility you want. If you want a phone that will "just work", iOS is for you. If you want to customize & have a better screen, Android is for you. If you choose Android, Nexus is the best "bang-per-buck" but Galaxy devices typically have better specs ... until the Nexus of that that year comes out.
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John Burke wrote:

Depends on the eco-system & how much flexibility you want. If you want a phone that will "just...

Hey John Did you notice Googles 1 selling point of Android 4.3 at the Announcement the other day? Hugo Barra had one of his points saying "just works" So I guess Android just works now as well so I guess it's not a point to sway buyers either way since Android and IOS now both "Just Work" lol. As far as updates go though definitely get Android and get a Nexus device, as I see it Android is always striving to stay ahead of everyone & they seem to really work on whatever Apple tries bashing Android for in their presentations. So Apple bashed Android in its last 2 presentations for Android version fragmentation & having to wait for updates on the multitude of devices out there. Well Google in my mind is working hard on trying to solve this and it starts with Googles own Nexus devices which it looks like as soon as Google announces a new version of Android that the Nexus lineup will be updated immediately. Starting with the most recent version of the Nexus line. Google Announced the newest version of Android which is Android 4.3 & within hours I had it on my Nexus 4 and I think Google aims at keeping this going. Apple announced its newest version a month or so ago and it's still not available unless you have a developer account & won't be available till in the fall. How Apple ever felt like they can bash another OS for their update process is beyond me when they have an update process like this baffles me. In short if you want the newest version of the OS you choose and the fastest then go Android & Go Google Nexus it will be updated the fastest and longest with a full updated OS. I say full updated because Apple may push the update out to their older devices but they are never the full update, there are features missing so it basically your getting a new look, well with Android you can have a different looking UI every week if you want, hell every hour if you want you can make it look the way you want and work the way you want whenever you want.