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Better defined roaming boundaries.

A system should be in place where users can notify Koodo of areas near the Canadian border that cause users to go into us roaming while they are still in Canada, these locations can be verified by the phones position and if the position is inside of Canada (automated review process) then it can be further reviewed. An example of this is the East Sooke park, I often enjoy hiking there but am hesitant to contact people I am meeting up with by using my phone so I don't have to deal with false roaming charges afterwards.

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This is an old post but I TOTALLY AGREE!
My daughter lives in Victoria and has been dinged a few times for the daily "easy roam" fee even though she has NOT left Canada (I have now turned that feature off).

There must be some way that Koodo can determine that the roam was in an area along the border with poor coverage from their own cell towers which allowed a stronger US signal to take over the phone. I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of dollars falsely billed (and often not contested).
Go into the network settings of your phone. Take it off "automatically selecting a network" and let it manually select a network. After your phone searches, select Koodo. Your phone will not be able to roam now and it will only connect to Koodo. If you ever do want your phone to be able to "roam" you'll have to change it back to automatic.

You can contact Koodo and explain what happened to dispute the roaming charges.