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Better Coverage in Cottage Country

I would like to see a tower in Dorset so I can make calls from the cottage. I plan to be up there a lot in the winter so with out service now I would likely have to change providers. Consider how many of your customers own cottages and can't use your service. I mean seriously you are the best price around but not so hot on service in Muskoka's and Haliburton

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Same problem in many areas that are still not covered... would be good to have better coverage in the country side in both Ontario and Quebec...
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Sad...a trip to the cottage used to be about getting away from it all...
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Fast forward to today and mobile communications have become an integral part of everyday life, even at the cottage. It's interesting to note, that according to Koodo's coverage map, Dorset appears to have HSPA coverage, although there are noticeable dead spots in surrounding areas.