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best new phone koodo can make

I think it would be cool if you guys made a new phone with a windows 8 home screen and on the home screen have a link that says games and when people touch that link it brings them to a screen that shows a bunch of thumb nails with the picture of the game cover on each one and the name of it underneath like on an I phone and also it would be cool if that phone you can have multiple taps open at once and by doing the 5 finger swipe you can bring all those open tabs to one window so you can use them all at the same time also it would be cool if the phone was big like one of those fat Galaxies cause then it won't be super slim and small like those other smart phones out there and it would fit a really good graphics card and it would play really good games like Gta 5 etc and also it would fit a lot of sensors also it would be cool if on the top of the home screen it would show the person's Facebook,Twitter,TumblerMyspace,email,Gmail,hotmail,ect and also it would be cool if it had an original home button for example "oss" the home button can be the word boss and the button can be made of metal or something and also good internet connection would also be essantial so ya..that's about it

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Koodo doesn't make phones lol. Koodo is a carrier.