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Before you switch to KOODO read this first. http://www.comparecellular.ca/store-locator/koodo-mobile-shop-and-kiosks/reviews.asp

[b]Reviews about koodo mobile and their worst customer service.

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You, Sir, just failed. We can't even click on the link But hey. Have a nice day. And don't be with Koodo. Go with bell Canada they have the "best" customer service ever
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Wow.  Out of the Big 3 and little 3, Koodo is tied with Virgin and Telus; and double the quality of Rogers, Fido, and Bell
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I take it that you feel as though Koodo has wronged you some how. Would you care to share your experience ?
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Koodo has less than 1% churn rate.
JD power and associates award for best customer service for many years in a row.

But thanks for the interesting read.