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Store #6827 Late the other night, i just finished with someone taking over my Bell contract so i could switch to koodo, so in order to get my old number on to koodo i had to go back to Bell and activate a prepaid phone with my previous number so i could port it. Well that took all night of course so it was after 9 and the mall was closed but i still ran over to the koodo kiosk and they had pretty much had their cleanup done and ready to go home and i asked if i was too late to sign up, and the girl never hesitated to say no we have time. I wish i knew her name, but THANKS! i love being part of the koodo family and i am sorry it took so long to join! p.s. it was friday night april 5th 2013, whoever was working that night THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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That's awesome news, I love hearing positive stuff like this!
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Wow that's quite the effort even on your part just to keep your #, must have been an important #. Good to hear it worked out for you and welcome to the Koodo fam.
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I regularly stay late for my customers at my Mobile Shop. You never know if you'll get an extra sale or plant the seed for a future one just by doing that extra service.
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Hi there, thank you for this nice feedback! If you wish, you can send us your compliments by email and we'll forward them to this rep and her manager. You can use this webform, via your Self Serve account: http://koo.do/10znFdG. Thank you and welcome to Koodo Mobile!