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Bad Company Values

  • 3 December 2020
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I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has some advise. I ordered a phone in August, I sent the phone back as it was sent to me broken. I upgraded to another phone as the one I sent back was not available at the time. The new phone works great but it’s not the technology that I need. I can’t do some major functions and makes the phone practically useless to my life. So I requested to send the phone back under the 30 days once again but no shipping label came and I was forced to keep this phone. In November I received a charge over 700 for the broken phone that was sent back in August. I called to inquire about my bill and I get a slip late at night on November 27th. It’s the broken phone that was sent to me in August. I opened the box. I opened the box, I had to take a puffer. I then put on my personal protective equipment to examine the phone Koodo sent to me. The upper right corner of the box and phone are dented and smashed. The ear buds and charger are missing and the paper contents are a mess like someone had stepped on them and put them back into the box. When I call the customer representatives are rude and won’t address my concerns and are doing things to my account without my consent. I have asked to speak to the billing department over many days to set up payment arrangement’s only to not be connected to the proper department. Today when I called Rebecca, was cold and unnecessarily vocal regarding my account.  A customer of 12 years that has been loyal and always been accountable.  When I schedule call backs the calls drop. Yesterday Carmine L. called and left a message. There was just dead air and I did not receive any proper communication. What is the best way to handle this? I have been consulting legal advice but if anyone else has had an experience like this please share.

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3 replies

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Since you are not having luck with the callbacks, please send Koodo a private message via facebook or twitter and a rep can help address your issue there

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I would try to first escalate it to the Customer Service Manager at Koodo. You can schedule a callback on Koodo Assist.

If they don’t get back to you, I would suggest you to file a complaint to the CCTS. Make sure you gathered all the evidence needed to prove it. https://www.ccts-cprst.ca/for-consumers/

I would request a Supervisor or manager in Customer Service, in Hopes you will get one that  values, understands customer loyalty of 12 years!

Koodo reps are not trained well enough for some reason to handle the average difficult customer situations. They should immediately escalate to a manager if they know they cannot resolve it fairly rather than waste time with misinformation that constantly requires more call backs.

Poorly trained.