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Awesome staff, Great prices

  • 3 October 2014
  • 2 replies

Tonight I spoke with a great gentleman named George (1400642) in customer service. He seemed very confident, professional and down to earth. I have been with Koodo for several years and have never had experience with a service provider the way Koodo has provided it to me. I never need to call in to customer care or visit retail locations because that is how wonderful their service works for me. If i do need to call in, like i did tonight, i'm always greeted with fantastic people who show understanding about the concerns brought to their attentions. So thanks!

2 replies

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Glad that you had a wonderful experience with Koodo!
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I think that's what makes them different too. As you said ther is no need to call as most of the time things simply work as promised!!! I don't have to waste precious moments of life on calling to have something fixed.