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Auto Upgrade for Services

I suggest that when adding new features to Koodo plans, that means the existing users of the current plan to be added automatically without having to add it as plan over again. Or at least that is what happened with me when Koodo doubled the offers for the plans, I still see them the old things for me.

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Not everyone want to change to the new plans. There are slight differences that some people may not want. Data overage for example is different on these than the old ones.
I agree, Chris, but for doubling the minutes, and data, I don't think anyone will refuse, if they are going to refuse it, then don't use it as simple as that, but why should I ask for this added value?
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You would be surprised. I've hear stories where p[eople are offered something that is significantly cheaper and giving them more with no hidden fees or catches yet they still refused to change. Some people still don't like change.