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Area code canada

Hi! I was wondering if I have calls across canada, if when I switch cities I need to change my area code in order to not receive long distance fees? for example I have the area code 604, but I am in Montreal. Do I need to change my area code in order to no longer have long distance? Or will the calls cost the same form Montreal?

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Hi Melissa,

On Koodos plans you no longer have to worry about long distance rates since their plans include Canada wide calling. Any minutes you use during the day will count against your anytime minutes, but otherwise you won't see anything extra on your bill for making or receiving calls. So if you've moved to a different area you won't need to change your phone number. Not unless you feel the need to.

Hope that helps answer your question 🙂
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You will pay the same rates, but other people from Montreal who call you will have to pay long-distance charges if they don't have Canada-wide calling.