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Are you having network issues in Bedford NS? Can't receive or send texts or make or receive calls - 2nd day in a row.

I am not able to text or call when at work in Bedford. Seemed to work OK at home last night but again today at work it is not working. I only live 15 mins from work. Are you having issues with the network? Just want to know.

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Hey Anth! What type of phone do you have ?
Galaxy Note LTE - I don't think it is a phone issue - got home last night rec'd all the texts from the day and was able to make calls.
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has it worked before in the building ? does it work when you go outside of the building where you work? if it works outside, to me it looks like interference with something going on in the building. my suggestion is to do a battery sim pull if that doesn't work go into settings > more settings >mobile networks> network operators and and search for networks if koodo comes up select koodo.
Never had any issues before yesterday - have been working in that bldg. > 1yr and use my cell all the time.
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as mentioned above try the steps listed. if it doesn't work call technical support they will do some troubleshooting on their end. call from a different line other then your cellphone 1-866-995-6636 #6 for technical support.
Yes, tried all the phone tricks yesterday. Will have to call tech support I guess. Just thought I'd check to see if anyone from Koodo would actually let me know if there was a network issue before wasting my lunch on the phone waiting for customer service. Thanks for trying hippie
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Hey Anth! 🙂 No network issues in this area. Feel free to give us a call from a landline at the above mentioned number and one of our techs will log a ticket to have the issue looked into further. Thank you. ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.