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What will happen to my Whatsapp App now that Facebook bought the company? will it cease to be free? will it record all my personal information?

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Hard to know... Eventually there will be a cost to get the app for the first time... But still, Whatsapp was free for 1 year, they extended it for a bit more, but I am pretty sure that your app has a date when it will stop being free and then you will have to renew for a fee...
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$19 billion for an app. Facebook....glad to know the amount of money they have to play with...
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Keep your eyes open for changes to their privacy policy, they'll let you know if it changes. For of nothing will change as the deal isn't finalized yet. The original WhatsApp team wasn't keen on advertising (according to their website) so I'm not sure that'll change. However Facebook will probably want some sort of return on the investment. They may collect your data not. Wait for changes and read carefully.