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Applying SPC Deal


I recently switched to Koodo and activated a new account. I have an SPC card but they were unable to apply the SPC deal at the shop and told me I had to call customer service in order to apply the deal. I tried calling customer service but it redirected me to koodo assist which hasn't been helpful at addressing the issue. Is there a email I can contact for customer service or a direct phone line I can call? Anyone know how to navigate this?


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I believe the SPC card has to be applied at the time of activation. You would not be able to apply "after the fact". If you would like to contact Koodo directly, you can setup a callback from the digital assistant or send message to their facebook https://www.facebook.com/Koodo
I had my SPC card with me and I brought up the question during the time of activation but they redirected me to call customer service in order to set it up. I'll try using the callback option and send them a message on facebook. Thanks for your help!