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Another tab or area on this community forum to highlight new found solutions or tips!!

How about we have another tab similar to the ones above like the "ask a question", "share an idea" , "give praise", where we can offer "Found solutions and tips", which don't necessarily qualify for points or badges, so members can share their knowledge without someone asking a question? These "found solutions and tips" would show what members have found that worked for them, and anyone who reads them, can either use it to their benefit or just read them. And then we can post to our hearts desire. Also, it could be located anywhere else on the community pages, not necessarily where the "ask a question", "give praise" tabs are. For example, when I wanted to post a suggestion for an external battery charging solution, I wasn't exactly sure where to put it. It certainly wasn't a question or praise, so I posted my suggestion as an "idea". The first reply I received was from someone who either wasn't sure what my "idea" was or if my "idea" was valid as an "idea." This could be a separate place where any community members could leave a "found solution." It's obvious our members have varying levels of experience, and much wisdom in different areas of expertise, and by not making the posts, and replies or comments for these suggestions and tips eligible for any points, it could also allow for a more casual participation , decreasing the worry of other members challenging the posts. Maybe the option to disable the ability to view any comments on these particular posts could be an option too, while still leaving the ability to reply to the original poster to seek further advice open. If someone else has already suggested this as an "idea", that's cool too!

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There was an entire discussion on external chargers. Could've gone there. The system searches for similar keywords when ppl enter a question. It'll show there.
Chad Burr wrote:

There was an entire discussion on external chargers. Could've gone there. The system searches f...

I actually did that, and the only things that come up are your question about an external charger that you recently posted and mine. Am i missing something? Thanks regardless. Btw, what do you think of the rest of this "idea"? just curious