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Android vs blackberry 10

  • 18 June 2013
  • 7 replies

How do you pick between android and blackberry? I'm jaded by iPhone. I want change. I used to be a diehard blackberry user and now am stuck between android (fancy but with glitches) or blackberry 10 (stable)

7 replies

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Lot of posts asking whcih is better, Android, iPHONES,BB or Windows phones, personally I love Android phones, they are less complicated, lot of free apps, and not expensive, if you look around you every person has an Android, I don't know if you share same point of view with me, I advice you to pick Android phones.
I hear that android on a Samsung has some odd problems and that htc androids run smoother without as many problems.
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I have a Z10, and a Q10 which hardly gets used atm tbh. I'm generally happy with BB10. The new 4.2.2 android runtime is quality on it. It's all personal taste really, just go to a store and demo the devices you're interested in, see which is better for you.
Great idea! Never thought of it. Thank you!
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I've had smartphones running Symbian, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, MeeGo, Windows Phone, and BB10. And I do mean that I have owned them at one point or another, not just played with them. My current lineup is iPhone 5 (iOS 6), HTC One (Android 4.1), Nokia Lumia 520 (Windows Phone 😎, Huawei Ascend P1 (Android 4.1), and Nokia 700 (Symbian Belle). Firstly, let me assure you that every OS has glitches and in most cases those glitches get worked out eventually. Comparing all of Android to all of BB10 is also not fair. The only BB10 devices available at the moment are the Z10 and Q10, which are both high-end devices. When you compare them to similarly-priced Androids, you'll see that the comparable Androids are no more glitchy. The one major question you should be asking yourself is what apps you want to have. I'm not overly app hungry (Windows Phone has all the apps I need, that's saying something), but BB10 is so barren right now that I could not stick with it (got a Z10 at launch, returned it, then got one again recently and re-sold it). You can (and I did) get certain Android apps running (like Netflix), but it's not a straightforward installation experience. You need to obtain .BAR files (or convert and sign Android .APK files yourself), and then use specific software on your PC to sideload the files to your phone. . That being said, the Z10 was pleasant to use. I fell in love with gesture controls on my MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 and was happy to see it again on BB10. It's a fast and fluid platform with tons of potential, but the lack of certain apps and the relatively crappy camera module on the Z10 make it not good enough for me. My phone recommendations are the following (in no particular order). At Koodo: Nexus 4, iPhone 5, Galaxy S2X, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Z10, Q10, Lumia 520 Unlocked from elsewhere: HTC One, iPhone 4S, Lumia 920, Lumia 810, Xperia Z(L), HTC One X(+), Ascend P1, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2. You've already stated that you're not interested in iOS anymore, and said nothing about Windows Phone, so go ahead and ignore those. I just wanted to give you a complete list on phones that I'm recommending to friends at the moment.
I had a windows Nokia phone before and wasn't too happy with it, want to try a different operating system. Also had a windows htc as well. Symbian I've never had a chance to use. I do use apps but not many. I love being able to customize my phone to my liking. Thanks for the recommendations. Nexus 4 - android, blackberry 10 (z10), unlocked htc one were my three choices. So I did pick right just a matter of choosing. I think I will go to a store and try all three to see if one catches my eye.
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I had a windows Nokia phone before and wasn't too happy with it, want to try a different operatin...What do you mean exactly by "customize"? Note, the following is true for non-rooted/jailbroken devices. Rooting/jailbreaking offers more options, but let's stick to stock for now: Android phones are almost infinitely customizeable - launchers (multiple at once), icons, ringtones, wallpapers. Windows phones offer different colour schemes and ringtones, no wallpapers (background is either black or white, you choose which) except for the lock screen, which can be set to feed from various apps (Bing, Facebook, etc.). The live tiles can be set to three different sizes and can update info in real time (unless turned off or app doesn't support it). BB10 offers customizeable wallpapers and ringtones. iOS offers customizeable wallpapers and ringtones (free ringtones can be added via iTunes if you convert your file from mp3 to aac).