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Amazing Customer Service

I have been considering purchasing a nicer phone for several months and finally decided to give in to temptation. Earlier this week I had gone to a Futureshop to purchase the phone I had decided on. The person there told me they didn't have the phone and immediately started to try to sell me the newest model phones (iPhone 5, Galaxy S III, Blackberry Z10) I had already explained that I didn't feel I needed one of these phones AND considered the price to high for my needs. Several days later I sought out the nearest Koodo shop instead. I spoke over the phone to a store staff member by the name of Giang who verified the cell phone I was looking for was available in the store. I went to the store severely underslept and with a slightly sour taste in my mouth from my experience at Futureshop. I can say without a doubt, I have never had such a positive experience purchasing anything. By asking me if I was already a customer with Koodo and asking about my current phone, he was able to compare it to the one which I was purchasing positively and identified all the factors which had made me decide this purchase. He maintained a very honest friendliness and worked efficiently as I went through the purchasing process and setup of my new phone. He went through the documentation and tips that went along with the contract efficiently noting that I had some experience with android's 4.0 OS with my previous phone while not entirely ignoring the potential that I was not aware of the benefits of it. I can't think of any way to make my experience at the Sheppard Center Koodop Shop better. I have never in my life had reason to take time out of my day to praise someone for their job until now. Thanks Giang!

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Hey Yuri, we're glad that you had a great store experience and thank you for sharing this feedback 🙂. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.