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Allow Retroactive Referral Bonuses When Referral Program Returns to Koodo

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For the past month, Koodo's referral program has been suspended, pending a "facelift" sometime in "Spring 2015". My proposal is to allow retroactive registration of referrals after the facelift for those new customers who have joined during the time period during which the program is suspended. Specifically,I suggest there be a two week window announced during which Koodo customers who joined prior to March could retroactively refer those people they recruited to Koodo. This would reward loyal Koodo customers who have encouraged friends and family to move to Koodo and take advantage of the great service and the recent promo plan offered here recently. The bonus provided to new customers would also promote good will and encourage them to stay with Koodo.

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I like this idea and I wish for.yiu it'll be applied
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Robert wrote:

I like this idea and I wish for.yiu it'll be applied

Thanks, Robert. Please click the "I like this idea" button and vote for it!