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alcatel one touch flip phone not a winner Koodo customer service also terrible.

the new alcatel flip phone I replaced my old reliable LG with is no good for what we need. Antenna not strong enough to pick up signals in out lying area and after one week sim card not working. I called Koodo to cancel service until I can replace this phone with something else...we live 400k from where I bought it last week and will not be there again for another 10 days and was told that they will not refund my money if I do not meet the 14 day return policy(this was a supervisor in San Salvador..Central America). I was also told there was no one in Canada I could speak too.

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I don't know about that last point. I'm in Canada, last I checked. And I've got plenty co-workers with me. But in regards to the [b]15 day return policy, it's pretty airtight.
Curtules wrote:

I don't know about that last point. I'm in Canada, last I checked. And I've got plenty co-workers...

I called 1866 995 6636 I'm very sorry to hear Koodo is contracting out jobs to other countries. I believe in shopping Canadian and always loved talking to our Canadian call center employees.
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Just to let you know this community is for general questions that are answered but other Koodo customers the majority of the time. Koodo hasn't done anything wrong though. You should have asked about the return policy if you were making a purchase so far away from home. Even in general, it's always good to ask about a companies return policy. You can try to email them through the contact us page. Good luck
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It is also possible to be sent a return mailer to return the phone under the money back guarantee.
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If what I'm reading is correct under the money-back guarantee, I think Timo's response would apply if you purchased the phone online. Hopefully, Koodo will see your situation as exceptional and go that extra mile for you. Give them a call anyway and see what they say. * Koodo Shop purchases must be returned to any Koodo Shop. * Retail partner purchases must be returned to the location where you purchased it. * [b]Online purchases should be returned via mail and can be initiated by calling *611 from your Koodo Mobile phone, toll free at 1-866-99-KOODO or 647-788-4337. We will send you a self-addressed envelope to ship the phone back to us. * If your phone was purchased at a Retail Partner (For example: Future Shop, Wal-Mart etc.) you must return your phone to the same Retail Partner. Return policies vary by Retail Partner.