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Airtime usage confusion when I check self serve. Shows less minutes for my plan. Please help

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I have a monthly plan (Canada-Wide Talk & Text 25 Double) which includes 200 minutes. Near the end of August I quit with Koodo. The reason why is due to taking a job where there is no cell phone coverage with Koodo. I planned on being there for 6 months to a year. I couldn't find anyone who was willing to take over my phone. So I cancelled and had the phone unlocked to go another carrier. Approximately 6-7 days later the job prospect fell through, and I wanted to go back to Koodo since I would be not moving (I've been very happy with the service). I reinstated my account, was worried I may not get my old plan back, but luckily because it was a short period of time, they would be able to reinstate my old plan. Today I was checking my air time usage and noticed this below... What caught my eye was "Your plan and add-ons include 160 local anytime minutes". ?????? My plan comes with 200 minutes and wondering why it mentions 160 minutes? I cancelled around Aug.26th and phoned Sept.1 to reinstate, sign back up Koodo. This shows under airtime usage... Unbilled airtime usage Time period: Current cycle (19 of 30 days through) Your next bill starts: September 24, 2013 Rate plan: Canada-Wide Talk + Text 25 Dbl Minutes used. 4/160 mins.*. Your plan and add-ons include 160 local anytime minutes. . * Airtime summaries are approximate and may not be up-to-date due to network roaming delays. Rate plan or phone number changes will be applied to your account. Prorated minutes are included in your latest billing period. No additional airtime usage charts or summaries are available at this time.

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You just resumed service. For billing purposes this counts as signing up with a new account. That means your minutes get prorated until the end of the billing cycle, when they reset to the full amount.
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That would be proration since the account was reactivated in the middle of a cycle. You don't get the full minutes on a plan that has not been active for a full cycle.
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Ahhhh.. okay. So due to the fact I reactivated the plan mid cycle my minutes were shortened. So by the next billing cycle I will have my 200 minutes? Thanks Tyler C and Timo!
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shelley wrote:

Ahhhh.. okay. So due to the fact I reactivated the plan mid cycle my minutes were shortened. So b...

Yes you will have the full minutes when the cycle starts over. You're welcome 🙂