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air time charges

I have been charged for air time. The calls were between kodoo family phones, I thought that if the calls were between kodoo phones from the same household, there would not be any charge.  I recently changed this phone from my dads name to my name.  The lady from Kodoo that helped with this transaction stated that nothing in my plan would change.  I have never been charged for air time between my phone and my families kodoo phones.....please advise.

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It's not the same household, it's all phone #s on the same account. Since you switched away from your dad's account for your own, that no longer counts as free airtime and minutes will apply.
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Family calling have to be under the same account. Same household doesn't count for family calling.
You did transfer of the ownership (change your dads name to your own name), and now you have your own account.
Your plan itself  didn't change. You still have a family calling feature, but numbers have to be under your account.

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